Information session and tours each week: Rylands of Kew, Thursdays at 10.30am and Rylands of Hawthorn, Thursdays at 12noon. For more information, please contact Rob Macpherson 0420 947 151.

Welcome to Rylands

Ryland villages offers residents a unique lifestyle. A life surrounded by friends, with familiar comforts, in a neighbourhoods you know and love.


Rylands of Hawthorn offers independent living in the heart of one of Melbourne's most sought-after precincts.


Rylands of Kew, built around the historic Victorian residence, St Joseph's Tower, is a place of old world style that still feels like a family home.


Both villages are designed for people who want to retire in style, enjoy their freedom and lead an active life.


At Rylands, we're unashamedly committed to your comfort. From gourmet catering to 24 hour service, providing you with extra layers of security, confidence and comfort whenever you need them.