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Competition Worthy Cooking

We are delighted to announce that Tanya Maraj, Chef from Rylands of Hawthorn recently competed in the Australian Chef of the Year competition for Food Service Australia held from the 27th February - 1st March 2022.

Chosen from a pool of 160 applicants across Australia, Tanya competed against 32 other participants where she was given just one hour to create a masterpiece from a mystery box of ingredients.

"The competition tested my creativity and culinary knowledge where I was able to pull ideas from seasonal menu changes as our La Carte menu changes every two weeks at Rylands, I have to come up with creative meals to keep the residents interested," Tanya said of the competition.

With mystery box runs in the Rylands kitchen Tanya mentioned that "The staff were really supportive of this competition and attended when I competed, it was great to have that support behind me and the residents were excited wishing me good luck."

Now that the competition has come to an end and Tanya returns to the kitchen she has newfound confidence in her cooking abilities and is excited of what may come next of the Rylands menus.

If you would like to try Tanya's competition-worthy cooking then book a tour with Julie Cotchin at our Hawthorn location via


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