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Meet Tanya Maraj, Chef at Rylands of Hawthorn

“It’s about the connections with the residents, we build a bond and know what our regulars will have, they always say hello.” Tanya Maraj, Chef at Rylands of Hawthorn started two years ago and has loved every minute, drawing her inspiration from cooking with her grandma as a child. Read below about her experience within the Rylands retirement community.

What it is like working within Rylands?

It is a very rewarding experience, I really love that it’s a community here and they do genuinely care about you, there’s a lot of love within Rylands compared to a cold hard kitchen.

What has been one of your most rewarding experiences?

I love cooking for special events for the residents. I recently catered for a resident’s birthday party and the smile on her face when she saw the cake and canapes was with such joy, it made me feel amazing.

As a Chef at Rylands, what does a typical day look like for you?

No two days are the same, I can be cooking dinner and lunches or we may have a function. Our dinner menu changes every two weeks so we never cook the same meal and the lunch menu changes every season. It’s interesting to cook new dishes and the residents love the variety.

With the COVID-19 lockdown what does Rylands do to support this? Do meals change during this period?

We have a Saturday night special where residents look forward to it and we like to take them on a “trip around the world” where they can escape the lockdown through a culinary journey, with an array of country-themed nights such as French or Indian. We also deliver all meals to residents’ rooms as the dining room is not open during this period.

Tell us more about the room delivery option?

While we have an amazing sit-down restaurant option, residents can have meals in the comfort of their own home where we accommodate any special requests they may seek, from sweet treats to gourmet to sandwiches. Residents can order anything they like that is on the menu.

What is your favourite meal to cook?

I’m not much of a boaster but my lamb shanks I have to say are quite famous amongst the Rylands community, and my beef wellington is also a hit.

Want to enjoy Tanya's delicious meals? Contact our team Julie Crosthwaite or Robert Macpherson on 0420 947 151 or 0417 565 567 to book a tour and come down and see our delightful dining options.


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