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Rylands of Kew 15th Anniversary

It was a beautiful afternoon celebrating an important milestone at Rylands of Kew retirement community where residents and staff celebrated fifteen glorious years in February with a High Tea.

Glasses of champagne, delicious food and soothing music filled the blooming gardens where a presentation from Founder, Roger Kwok was displayed and residents were seated to mingle amongst one another, share some cake and reminisce about the fantastic years together.

Photographs were displayed of residents throughout the years and the original premises of the village which brought back many memories for residents including

long-standing ones who received a memento from Swarovski as a token of being part of the community for so many years.

"The highlight of Rylands is how the social events and community relationships are fulfilling, which is the main reason many of us moved here. Lots of fun and laughter and enjoying the company of others." Resident John Benger mentioned of his many years within the community.

You can see the pride each resident has of the Kew community and the memories that are truly cherished by how many residents turned up to this occasion. If you are interested in keeping up to date with what else is happening in Rylands then subscribe to our Newsletter here.


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