People who move in their retirement years often want something different to their current home. They are not only looking for comfortable housing but also a lifestyle that will afford them the freedom, independence and security they desire.


Lifestyle is not always about the hard amenities such as the pool and beautiful surrounds, though the best of this is found at Rylands, it is more about feeling comfortable in your environment and how you spend your time.


Whether you're looking for an independent, active lifestyle or an infrastructure of caring support, our purpose built five-star facilities raise the bar to a completely new level of luxury.


There are comfortable lounges, fitness centres, spa and a beauty salons with massage and treatment areas. As visually exciting as the dining, entertainment and service areas undoubtedly are, the real focus is on the luxuriously appointed and secure apartments.


A typical day at Rylands may include:


• Enjoying free fitness programs

• Entertaining in the private dining room

• Enjoying meals prepared by our chef

• Catching a movie with friends

• Casual walks to the shops

• Enjoying a drink at the bar


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